Friday, 15 April 2016

how to Make butter

This is my work on how to make butter. We need double cream, a jar and bread. We also need plates and knives. We went into a circle and shake the jar until it went solid. So when it turned solid we went to go and try it out and it was tasty. So we Enjoyed!!! It

Friday, 1 April 2016

Acrostic poem template

This is my poem about easter, I thought of the rhymes in my head.

KWL chart Crunchy Bar Group

Crunchy Bar Group
Before you begin your research, list details in the first two columns. Fill in the last column after completing your research.

What I am learning:

Before Reading
What do I know about the Tour De France
Before Reading
Questions I have on the Tour de France
After Reading
What I have learnt about the Tour de France
The Tour de France is the world's largest annual sporting event.
2 million people turned out over two days.

They can race 3500 kilometers in the tour de France.

How long does it take to get back to Paris?

Do they go to sleep?

What do they have to eat?

How do they know if they are going to win?

How fast can they go?

How many ( boys and girls) race in the Tour de France?

What is the Tour de France all about?

It takes more than twenty days to ride the course.

Thousands of people come to Paris to watch the race end.

A computer time until that the course changes every year.

es how fast each cyclist ride each stage.

At the end of day, it adds up each cyclist’s times for all the stages so far.
This is my work on Tour de France. It is the greatest race on earth. Are French newspaper company wanted more people to read their newspapers, so they decided to have a huge bicycle race that everyone would want to read about.