Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Haunted house

         Haunted House
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Today when I was going to school I run past a haunted house. I decided to go in. I heard this place is haunted and I said to myself ”I Am not scared”and I go in.

I was really scared.but I saw broken stuff in the haunted house. I saw bones and more. So I decided to explore a haunted house. I saw a paper it said”this haunted house was a hospital before in 1996” and I saw another paper. It said leave or you will die.

And I went down stairs and I got locked in. Then I saw a ghost.And I was trying to escape but I was too late the ghost call the other ghost and there were heaps of them.

And i found a shovel. I digged down like 1 hour and I said to myself “finally i'm out of the haunted house”And go home.

And suddenly i freaked out it's 12:45
“My mum will be angry at me”when I Was walking on the way home i run past A ghost “again” so i run fast as I can. I'm so tired I wanna sleep but I have to run. I saw my house i was so excited to go home and there is a trap and I fell ”where is this taking me” it was bad luck I went back to the haunted house”NOOOOO” and this time ghost are coming and I died.

My mum woke me up. School was nearly finished but when I looked at the time it was 7:00 so I got up. But it was just a dream

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